How to recover green pool water?

In this blog we will highlight some reasons why your pool is getting green? And how you turn it from green to sparkling clean.

You have crystal clear pool water and suddenly one day you are surprised to see your pool water turning green. Well it’s not rare if you have all the pool maintenance checks in place but it’s not unusual. So what to do when you are faced with a green pool? It definitely is not fit for swimming or even not pleasing to the eye. But not to worry, there is a remedy and all is not lost yet.

Why pool water turns green?

The answer to this question can be summarized in one single world and i.e. ALGAE. As soon as you notice even a slight greenish shade instead of bloomy shade of blue, it should immediately set off alarm. Important thing to notice in this case would be to check how green the water has turned because the darker the shade means bigger the problem is. If it’s a slightly lighter green then it means that algae growth has just started and it would be easier to recover the water back to its original state.

One of the most common reasons for Algae growth is that sanitizer levels in pool water are lower than optimal range. This could be because you haven’t been properly testing pool water or maintaining water chemistry balance. One more factor to notice is when enough chlorine is not being added, it means you are preparing a home for algae to grow and tae over your pool.

How to turn Pool from Green to Clean?

Most people make the mistake at the very beginning when they try and fight the algae in the pool. The mistake is that they brush the pool hard and then they vacuum it thinking that the problem would be solved. Well for a little while it would be but this does not solve the problem completely. Soon you will notice that Algae is growing back. It’s because you are trying to cure the symptoms instead of the disease. A type of Chlorovirus, infects green algae and until and unless you kill the virus itself, the algae won’t go away. No matter how many times you brush and vacuum the pool. Surprised? Well trust us.

1st Step – Vacuum to Waste

As elaborated above, the very first step in countering algae infected pool is to vacuum the pool to waste. You might be thinking, why waste? Remember as you begin to vacuum algae and other particles from the bottom of your pool, it would be unwise to allow it back into the pool. Just move multiport valve on your filter to Waste and carry on vacuuming, this would reduce significant algae and residue from pool for a time being.

2nd Step – Proper Brushing

There is brushing and then there is proper brushing. At crystal we have purpose built algae brushes that are best for this task. As these algae brush are not regular pool brush since Algae is stubborn in nature and would always find ways to hold on to the pool areas therefore in this case using a heavy-duty brush rather than soft nylon bristles is a better option. Thoroughly use algae brush to cleanse the pool surfaces all around including the walls, steps, bottom floor etc.

3rd Step – Test Water

After these two steps, use your test kit to check the pH and chlorine levels use test stripes to check the alkalinity levels of your pool water. Keep record of these levels somewhere as you will need these reading to refer to later on.

Most probably you will notice that chlorine level is either too low or totally absent. Because the chlorine is sanitizing agent and if the level of sanitizer was optimal then there would have been no algae at all.

4th Step – Shock Treatment

Giving shock to the pool with Chlorine is the main step in cleaning a green pool. Shock treatment simply means high dosage of chlorine that will sanitize the pool kill algae altogether. It is recommended to use our 90% chlorine and repeat the shock process in the pool twice within 24 hours. If the problem still persists then consider repeating the whole process again.

5th Step – Non Stop Filtration

Once the shock treatment is over be patient and turn the filter ON. Until the pool water is clear don’t turn the filter. It might take few days until you notice the change.

6th Step – Repeat Test and Balance

Once the pool water gets cleared and it’s not green anymore, perform water testing again for sanitizer i.e. chlorine and pH & alkalinity. If there is a need to add any more chemicals to balance the chemistry then please add accordingly. Once all indicators are n optimal standard levels, dive in and enjoy your pool.

7th Step – BONUS process to avoid all the above hassle

If you feel that all of the above steps are a little too much for you to perform then all you have to do is acquire our Green-to-Clean pool recovery service.

Call Crystal Pool and leave all your pool worries up to us. We have been turning algae infected green and unsafe pool waters into crystal clear pool in less than a week. We have in our arsenal some imported chemical formulation that expedite the process but can only be used by trained professionals. That’s why it is necessary to involve a professional pool company when it comes to chemical usage inside pool waters. Our certified technicians can make your pool clean and transparent within 3-5 day through our tested recovery process with the help of imported algae killer chemicals.

How to avoid Algae growth in the pool?

Once your pool is crystal clear we must strive to keep it this way always. Single most important step is to ensure that you maintain pool chemistry specifically chlorine (sanitizer) levels. It involves testing water chemistry minimum twice a week and ideally every second day. Incase you notice sanitizer level is not in desired range or it’s too low, immediately add chlorine. For further peace of mind, you can add algaecide too.

Concluding Remarks

Now that you know what to do and how to deal with green pool, you will definitely never feel defeated by algae. It just takes a little attention, care and proper chemicals balancing. Happy Swimming!

If you still need assistance in getting your pool back to normal in safe, clean and clear pool water, CRYSTAL POOL can help you in maintaining a pool on a budget! Contact us to set up a free consultation call or meeting.