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Crystal Pool is an all rounder in the field of swimming pool services.

Pool Maintenance

By hiring a professional swimming pool service company for your pool maintenance, you avoid expensive pool repairs. Regular pool cleaning can substantially reduce the running cost of a pool. We specialize in Pool Maintenace and Care. We are the pioneers of quality pool maintenance services in Karachi. 

Pool Installation

Pool industry in Pakistan is filled with people with lack of knwledge and experinec. However, there are some key points to consider. First and foremost, pool plumbing and installation is a specialized job and it requires a master pool plumber to install the pool lines. It is not a job of ordinary bathroom plumbers. We are one pool builder & installer who will ensures to explain the comlete pool project process from design to commissioning. 

Pool Construction

Crystal Pool focuses on completely custom pools. We can build anything you put your mind to. Let our design team show you how we can make your dreams a possibility. Check out our photo gallery for your concrete pool design ideas.

Pool Repair

Crystal Pool specializes in swimming pool equipment repairs including pool lights, timers, heaters, pumps and filters. We aim to improve the appearance and value of your swimming pool or spa along with providing high quality equipment repairs and new equipment installation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a swimming pool cost?

The cost of building a swimming pool depends on many factors such as size, design and choice of equipment. If you want something a little flashier, then obviously it would cost more. The best thing would be to contact our office and book a free consulation and survey visit. We assure you that we would always suggest you the most cost effective and best value for money solution.

What type of pool is suitable for me?

There are three main types of inground pools: concrete pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl liner pools. But in Pakistan only concrete pools are best suited due to many factors like weather and long life span. However if avaialble easily then haveing a fiber glass pool is more cost effective and faster solution. 

Is it safe to have a pool inside the basement?

There is new construction trend of having pools in the basement. If you are considering a basement pool, then there are only two preconditions:

1. Your basement height

2. Ventilation

Make sure you hire an professional pool builder who has the past experience of building basement pools.

What is the good residential pool size?

Generally rectangular pools are twice in length as compared to its width. Pools in open lawns are tend to be bigger in size howerev the standard size of a small indoor swimming pool is around 8’x15′, Some suggested rectangular pool sizes are :

10×20 ft | 14×28 ft | 15×30 ft | 16×32 ft | 18×36 ft

Can we build a swimming pool on the roof?

If you are thinking about having a swimming pool on your penthouse roof. First, it is impotant to know few fundamental variables.

1. Whether, the building sturtcure would support the pool weight or not? The architect can suggest these structural calculations after survey.

2. If the necessary reinforcement to the pool area , is taken in account during the construction phase.

3. It is essential to calculte the weight of pool water and the weight of pool structure.

How long do inground pools last?

Most in-ground conctrete pools can easily last longer than 20 years. Some of the pools that we maintain are older than 50 years. The life span of a pool depends on factor like:

1. If the pool structure is sound

2. If it is properly maintained and taken care of by professionals

3. If it in not left empty for longer period of time

Then you don’t have to worry about any major damage to your pool.

How long does it take to build a pool?

When you decide to build a swimming pool, you will have to go through the following steps:

  • Site visit & survey
  • Planning & Designing
  • Paper work & approvals
  • Build & Construction 
  • Completion & Commissioning

Pool construction time also depends on the complexity of the project. On an average it takes 4-8 months to complete the buildup of a pool.

How to choose the right type and size of pool heater?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right type and size of pool heater. These include the size of your pool, the climate in which you live, and your desired swimming temperature.

Overall, the right type and size of pool heater will depend on your specific needs and budget. It’s a good idea to consult with a pool professional or refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine the best heater for your pool.

Full guide to chosing the right pool heater as per your needs, please visist our blog post here ->

Size of Pool Heater

Is my pool safe from CORONA Virus?

When it comes to swimming pool almost all the top global health authorities consider pools as safe and secure from Novel Corona Virus. Experts say that chlorine and other chemicals used for pool maintenance and cleaning are sufficient to kill traces of the virus. You can read complete details about this subject on our publised article here.

Is my pool safe from Naegleria?

Swimming pools that are properly maintained under professional care, cannot lead to infection with Naegleria.

It is possible but it is a very rare instance, that someone becomes infected with Naegleria fowleri by ingesting water from swimming pools that don’t have recommended chlorine levels maintained in the pool water.

Can we maintain the pool on our own?

The answer is YES but NO. Swimming Pool maintenance is mainly the art of balancing pool water chemistry. All the rest of the operations are pretty doable by anyone. Generally, people think that maintaining a pool means cleaning the debris from the water only. However, in reality pool maintenance is a big task and even bigger a responsiblity. Hence it highly recommended to hire a tarined and professional pool service company for your pool maintenance.

How much pool pump and filter cost?

The cost of a swimming pool filtration system including a pool filter and pump, depends upon various factors.

1. Pool size: Your pool size would suggest how many gallons of water it would hold.

2. Flow rate: Every filter has a specific water flow rate. This would be decisive for calculating the circulation time of your pool water. 

3. Filter Brand: Manufacturing brand and quality of pool equipment also has the imapct on cost.

How to determine the best filter for my pool?

To find out the size of filter that fits your pool requirement is a simple formula:

  1. Calculate how many gallons of water: Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 
  • Calculate turnover rate per hour: Divide this pool capacity by 12. This will give you gallons per hour.
  • Calculate gallons per minute: Divide the gallons per hour by 60 to get gallons per minute.
  • Choose a pool filter system that has equivalent or more flow rate in gallons per minute than what you have calculated.

For Example: Your pool size is= 30’(L) x 15’(W) x 5’(D) x 7.5 = 16875/12 (1 turnover in 12  hours) = 1406/60 = 23.43 gal/minute. SO you need a filter that filters about 25 gal/minute.

Should I empty the pool water during winter?

It is recommended to not to drain the pool. As per per our exeprience and general industry guidelines, you should not leave your swimming pool empty. Instead if you want to close the pool, it is adviable to just lower the water level below the skimmer level. Empty pools are more prone to damages thus costing unneccesary repairs when reopening.

What to do if any animal fell and died into my pool?

Seeing a dead rat or cat in the pool will always raise a helath concern. Although seeing a dead animal in the pool is never a pleasant sight, but most of the times it has zero health risk to swimmers. It does not pose any threat if your pool is being chlorinated as per industry standards. The Chlorine will kill any bacteria the animal carried within few minutes. P.S. Just make sure to remove the dead animal from the pool.

How to calculate pool volume?

To calculate the volume of a swimming pool, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the length, width, and average depth of the pool in feet. If the pool has varying depths, take the measurements at multiple points and calculate the average.

  2. Multiply the length by the width by the average depth to get the volume in cubic feet.

  3. To convert cubic feet to gallons, multiply the cubic footage by 7.5.

For example, if a pool is 30 feet long, 15 feet wide, and has an average depth of 5 feet:

Volume = 30 x 15 x 5 = 2,250 cubic feet

Gallons = 2,250 x 7.5 = 16,875 gallons

Therefore, the pool has a volume of 2,250 cubic feet or 16,875 gallons.

What is the ideal pool temperature?

Here are some recommended temperature benchmarks for different types of pools:

  • Competitive swimming pools: 24°C-27°C
  • Public swimming pools: 26°C-28°C
  • Private swimming pools: 26°C-30°C
  • Therapy pools: 30°C-36°C
  • Spas: 36°C-40°C

These temperature ranges serve as reference points for maintaining the ideal water temperature for each type of pool.

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