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Dive into a realm of unparalleled excellence with Crystal Pool’s commercial swimming pools solutions. Our expertise goes beyond the ordinary, transforming spaces into extraordinary aquatic havens. From bespoke designs that captivate the eye to cutting-edge filtration systems and energy-efficient technologies, we redefine the standards of commercial pool design and construction. Elevate your business with our innovative approach, where every detail is meticulously crafted to create a compelling aquatic experience for your clientele. Discover the difference with Crystal Pool – where excellence meets innovation in commercial swimming pools solutions.

Contemporary Luxury in Quetta: Crystal Pool’s Guesthouse Oasis

Dive into a realm of modern luxury with Crystal Pool’s latest masterpiece—a guesthouse pool designed to redefine your Quetta living experience. Meticulously executed with precision, this contemporary oasis boasts crystal-clear waters filtered by Minder Filtration, a stylish Sheer Wall Descent Acrylic Waterfall, and the warm, enchanting glow of ATEC Pool Lights. At Crystal Pool, we’ve blended innovative design with comfort, creating a guesthouse pool that’s not just a feature but an experience.

Cozy Countryside Retreat: Crystal Pool’s 3-Acre Farmhouse Marvel

Embark on a journey to a cozy, contemporary farmhouse nestled in the picturesque countryside of Gharo, where Crystal Pool recently executed a delightful project. This 3-acre private farmhouse boasts a substantial swimming pool with a maximum depth of 7ft. Powered by the efficient Minder Filtration System, adorned with an Acrylic Cobra Fountain and LED lights in RGB color variants, this pool was crafted with uncompromised quality for personal indulgence. From extra depth to Cobra waterfalls, high-quality steel handrailing to LED RGB Pool lights, every detail was considered to ensure years of service and countless cherishable moments.

Opulence in Every Detail: Crystal Pool’s Feature-Rich Farmhouse Pool

Experience opulence in a private farmhouse swimming pool, designed with an array of features and addons. From a soothing rain curtain to an exhilarating water slide, a splash pad area, tree water fountain, and water sprouts, this project aimed to fulfill the discerning tastes of a renowned client in the construction industry. Despite technical intricacies, we successfully executed the project, using top-quality products like the MINDER Filtration System and high-quality UPVC pipes. The pool also features underwater SMD resin-filled LED lights, creating a mesmerizing aquatic escape.

Hydrotherapy Haven: Unwind with Crystal Pool’s Jacuzzi Spa Bath

Discover the benefits of hydrotherapy with a Jacuzzi Spa bath, a haven for relaxation and wellness. Professionally built Jacuzzis offer various health benefits, including muscle relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, calorie burn, better cardiovascular health, and improved sleep. If you’re seeking a sanctuary within your home, consider installing a Jacuzzi, ensuring the ultimate in “me-time” moments.

Remote Remodeling Triumph: Crystal Pool’s 30-Year Pool Revitalization

Embark on a journey of transformation with one of Crystal Pool’s remote and challenging swimming pool projects. Built almost 30 years ago, this pool remained unused until we undertook its remodeling. Major renovations included replacing pool tiles, installing a company logo, upgrading pipelines to high-quality PVC, and replacing old GI pipelines with new fiberglass pool filters. The pool accessories were meticulously repaired or replaced, and new LED Pool lights added a touch of modernity. The project concluded with the successful transformation of an unused pool into a rejuvenated and aesthetically pleasing aquatic space.

Beach Balcony Pool

Pool Type: Balcony Pool
Project Location: French Beach, Karachi
Project Details: Pool presents panaramic views of arabian sea. Perefct example of water recycling as pool water is collected from the nearby rain water reservior and filtered for pool usage. 

Clubhouse Pool

Pool Type: Clubhouse Pool
Project Location: Malir Cantonment, Karachi
Project Details: One of Crystal Pool’s initial commercial swimming pool projects with open piping rested inside a tunnel all around the pool.

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