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This cozy, contemporary, clean, and comforting farmhouse property was one of the fun projects recently executed by Crystal Pool. Located in the picturesque countryside, in Gharo, the 3 Acre private farmhouse boasts a descent size swimming pool with maximum depth upto 7ft. Powered by Minder Filtration System and equipped with Acrylic Cobra Fountain and LED lights both in RGB color variants. Since the pool was being made exclusively for personal use, our client didn’t compromise on quality. And that is what we aspired to deliver, quality, satisfaction and lots of happy memories.

Here are some of the highlights of this project:

– Extra deep pool
– Cobra waterfalls in clear acrylic with RGB lights
– High quality steel handrailing was installed
– High quality LED RGB Pool lights with remote control system

We are sure that with proper care and maintenance this pool will provide years of service and countless cherishable moments with family an friends.

This private farmhouse swimming pool project was designed loaded with all the features and addons. Such as rain curtain, water slide, splash pad area, tree water fountain, water sprouts etc. Client is one of the renown name n building and construction industry of the city, hence satisfying him was a challenge but despite of lengthy technical queries we were able to execute this project successfully. Since this is for pool is made for personal use, the client wanted to use top quality products hence we equipped the pool with MINDER Filtration System which is an Australian brand. On top of that high quality upvc pipes and electric wiring was used. Underwater SMD resin filled LED lights were installed.

Here is some of the highlights of this project:
– Separate kids pool
– Pool shallow seating area for elderly people
– Rain curtain and Rain Tree waterfalls
– Pool waterslide was installed
– Splash pad area for kids
– High quality LED RGB Pool lights with remote control system

Jacuzzi Spa bath is a perfect source of hydrotherapy where the powerful jets of warm water and air are used to massage the neck, shoulders, lumbar, legs and feet. After a week of work, there’s nothing better than the sigh of relief that comes with finally being able to relax. If you’re looking to make the most of increasingly scarce “me-time” moments, you should consider installing a Jacuzzi that might just be your favorite spot in the house.

If your Jacuzzi is built by a professional company then you may enjoy countless health benefits such as: 1. Muscle Relaxation 2. Pain Relief 3. De-Stressing 4. Calorie burn 5. Better cardiovascular health 6. Improved sleep ETC.

One of the remote and challenging swimming pool projects executed by Crystal Pool. Actually pool was built almost 30 years ago and was left unused for many years. When the owner contacted us and we visited the pool site, we knew it will turn out be one of the beautiful pools we have remodeled. And that’s what happened once the project was completed.

Here is some of the major work carried out in this site: – Pool tiles were replaced – Company logo was placed in the pool – Old GI pipelines were dug out and replaced with high quality PVC pipelines – Iron pool filters and pumps were scrapped and brand NEW fiberglass pool filters were installed. – Pool accessories were repaired and replaced – New LED Pool lights were installed – Open pond water was filled inside the pool and was treated cleaned by our pool technicians In the end it turned out pretty good. As the client was happy with the end result and we at Crystal Pool were happy that it concluded well.

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