How to build a budget friendly swimming pool?

Your new home is under construction and you plan to have some space for lawn and landscaping. Kids are also asking you to build a swimming pool in your garden or basement. But the only thing stopping you is your BUDGET. If that’s the case then we have got some tips for you. Keeping in view the advice listed in this blog post, you might find a solution to your budgetary constraints and get your family a place where they could have some of the most memorable family time.

Swimming Pools are considered somewhat a luxury and usually the goal of owners is to keep the costs as low as possible. This is not achieved easily as constructing and maintaining pools might need additional finances. These extra finance commitments can be very costly and you might end up regretting our decision if appropriate construction and maintenance procedures are not planned in advance. Here are some suggestions to build a pool on a budget. 

Planning Ahead of Pool Construction

Those who fail to plan are actually planning to fail. Pool construction doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. If you are looking to build a new swimming pool in your house, there are a few very important steps you can follow to keep the construction costs down. 

Size Does Matter

This is no rocket science that the bigger the pool size, the more costly it would be to build and maintain. Always consider a smaller pool size because it will help you save up on the construction materials and also require the smaller filtration system. Hence, keep in view the number family members and assess the probability of swimmers that would using the swimming pool at once. Now this doesn’t mean at all that you should invest in some undersized pool. Instead it could be beneficial to just be conscious of not over estimating the pool size.

Go for Smaller Deck Area

Most people don’t know but its true that pool decks can consume hefty sum of money if not kept in check. Initially, if you are tight on budget, building a smaller pool deck can keep costs low. Pool deck is the area outside the and one of the advantage with small pool deck is that that it is relatively very easy to expand it anytime if needed in future.

Pick & Choose Only Important Features

With ever growing landscaping market, newer pool products are pouring in rapidly. It is also very tempting to go for pool heater, fountains and waterfalls. We would suggest that when you are planning out your pool’s construction, settle on the features that are most important and avoid unnecessary accessories. This step alone can help you keep the costs low drastically. It is always very easy to add these features like waterfalls and slides at later stage when budget allows you.

Cost Saving After Pool Construction

Maintaining the low cost after your pool is constructed, requires regular upkeep and care. Hence it is eminent to invest in the right kind f pool products and regular pool maintenance by a professional certified pool maintenance company.

Don’t compromise on pool maintenance 

Constructing a pool on a budget is different thing but keep the pool in crystal condition is totally different ball game. There is huge possibility that serious pool issues can come up in absence of proper maintenance of your pool. More often, these problems are more costly than the costs of regular maintenance. In order to prevent these unnecessary and expensive pool complications, you must ensure that your pool is maintained regularly by professionals.

Don’t compromise on pool products

Although this article is written to help you build you pool on a budget but there are few aspects that can never be compromised. It may seem expensive at first but in the long run, investing in good quality pool products can make your pool budget-friendly. Like, installing a high quality pool filter will ensure durability which can offer more service over the years.

Do not hesitate to seek advice

Advice is one thing that is free and beneficial. At crystal pool we provide free consultancy so that our customers can decide on the most cost-efficient pool products. There are many factors to consider while choosing pool products. Apart from pricing you may want to look for the size, material, brand, and electric consumption. At times it is clever to spend a slight extra amount upfront on a quality product that will serve you and save you the most money in long run. 

Concluding Remarks

Building and maintaining a pool on a budget isn’t impossible, just keep the above points in mind and you will be able to get your dream pool on budget. Be modest while building the pool on budge and just remember that there are many additional pool luxuries and features which can be added later.

After initial pool construction, there is always a need to keep the pool running costs as low as possible. For this keep in mind that regular routine pool maintenance is essential. Don’t skip out on your pool maintenance. If you leave out you might end up with needless and pricey pool expenses that could be prevented. Hire a certified and trained professional swimming pool technician just like you hire a Gardner for upkeep of your lawn.

If you need help in planning, building or maintaining a pool on a budget, CRYATL POOL can help! Contact us to set up a free consultation call or meeting.