Many of our customers get confused when it comes to differentiate between a sauna room and steam room, hence we thought it would be best to pour our two cents on this topic. In this article we will explain all you need to know about sauna therapy room. First thing first, let’s answer the fundamental question i.e.

What is a sauna room?

A sauna is a temperature controlled room that is heated upto temperatures between 60°C to 90°C. The main differentiating factor between a Sauna and Steam room is that sauna rooms use dry heat for raising room temperature. This dry heat is aimed to provide relaxation to the users. The other factor is that, more often the room is made up of wood interiors with temperature control systems installed. A sauna room also includes sauna heater with heating elements and rocks that absorb and exude heat?

Brief history of saunas

In recent times, post COVID, for that matter, people have started to take heat therapy more and more.  But historically, saunas are being used for thousands of years and they are even more popular today.

Sweating has long been used as a therapy. The Mayans carved sweat houses in stones about 3,000 years ago, but it is believed to be invented in Finland over 2000 years ago. The word SAUNA is a Finnish word and it means BATH HOUSE. Ancient saunas were manmade pits that were covered with animal skins and had a fire burning inside them during the day beneath a pile of stones. It was originally designed to be used as a form of bath, sauna was considered a sterile place to cleanse the body. In some parts of Finland, women even preferred to give birth inside the sauna room.

What are the benefits of having sauna room?

There are many benefits of spending time inside a sauna room. But one of the most prominent advantage of taking a sauna bath is that it rises body temperature and in result of which heart rate increases, allowing blood vessels to expand. Therefore the blood circulation rises resulting in healthy blood flow. This scenario is most beneficial for people who suffer from diseases like arthritis, sore muscles and joints.

Another benefit of spending time inside sauna room’s hot and relaxing environment helps reduce stress levels. This helps reduce the chance of heart related diseases. Thus, some of the major benefits for using saunas are relaxation and cardiovascular health.

What are the best designs of sauna room?

Mainly there are two famous types of sauna rooms. Dry heat sauna popularly known as Finnish saunas and the other type is old style Turkish saunas that have more moisture. Trending these are sauna that are made of wood paneling that gives aesthetic and cozy look to the room. Plus with the addition of some good lighting options you can turn your sauna into a calm, relaxing or a vibrant space depending on your personal choice.

What type of wood is best for sauna room?

Most integral part of your sauna room would be the type of wood you use. At this point you will have to consider many factors like aroma, decay, appearance, bending and thermal comfort etc. Off course the most commonly used across the globe is cedar wood that is considered the gold standard. Due to its capability to survive moisture, it is considered most durable. On top of that it has unique characteristic to heat up relatively quickly. But it is a pricey option, so let take a look at other alternatives that can be best suitable.

Aspen or poplar and hemlock woods are other available options, but they have their own pros and cons. Although they can be budget-friendly but it can have a sour smell and also these are not resistant to decay if there is moisture around. Another suitable choice is Spruce wood, which comes from the pine family famously known as European spruce. It’s the lightest colored wood almost white yellowish in tone.

No matter what type of wood you use it is important to insulate the whole structure including the floor and ceilings.

What type of heater is best for sauna room?

There are three options available as your heating source for sauna rooms, the most ancient is wood burning heater. Then comes variety of electric heaters as well as infrared heaters. Just like wood, the heater also have their own merits and demerits.

However, at crystal pool, we recommend using electric heater mainly because of two reasons. First, it’s cost effective and secondly it can attain higher temperature in a short span of time. Hence you don’t have to wait for hours before you can use the sauna room.

What to look for while choosing sauna room builder?

Last but not the least, the main point to consider is wisely choosing your sauna builder or contractor. Since this is a specialized job, we suggest that it’s done by an experienced professional. Whenever you hire a sauna builder, must check their previous track record and as for references. You must not hire someone who is learning at the job. Hiring a right company for your sauna room will ensure safety and quality of work.