How to maintain swimming pool?

Summer is just around the corner. You’ve got your swimming costumes and goggles. The pool parties are all planned out. And of course, in your lavish lawn you’ve got a beautiful swimming pool. You’re all set to have fun and make this summer a memorable one for your kids and family, right? But all this heavily depends on your attitude and approach towards swimming pool maintenance.

Your swimming pool needs regular diligent upkeep and maintenance to be in its best and make your family dreams come true. That is the reason why you should never compromise on this aspect and always hire a good professional pool service company to take care of your swimming pool water. At Crystal Pool we know how your pool works and what are latest techniques to care of your pool?

In order to keep the water in you pool crystal and clear, there are many factors that need to be considered and taken into account. But there are some very basic maintenance steps that are needed.

Listed below are some of the very basic steps for Swimming Pool Maintenance. We suggest you carefully read and follow the instructions.

At Crystal Pool we have devised a simple yet effective formula knows as the

4 C’s of Swimming Pool Maintenance:

*CRYSTAL                           *CIRCULATION                  *CLEANING                        *CHEMISTRY

1st C is for CRYSTAL

First thing first, crystal means to contact the most trusted name for Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance in Pakistan. CRYSTAL POOL© will ensure crystal, clear, clean waters in your swimming pool while you enjoy swimming without any hassle and worry.

2nd C is for CIRCULATION

As per Wikipedia, “Stagnant water can be dangerous for drinking because it provides a better incubator than running water for many kinds of bacteria and parasites.” 

The longer your pool water is left without circulation the more likely it is to become hazardous and the recovery cleanup is much more extreme.  In swimming pool, just like natural outdoors, flowing water is always more crystal clear, clean and safe. Proper circulation of water inside your swimming pool is imperative to safe swimming. Any pool water with decent circulation will rarely face issues such cloudiness or algae attack. To maintain proper circulation you must keep your pump and filter system running under the supervision of our Crystal Pool technician.

3rd C is for Cleaning

Half the work is already done if you are successful in maintaining proper circulation. Through this step you have made cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool much easier. But half the work is still left to be taken care of by your Crystal Pool Technician with the help of some necessary swimming pool equipment like Pool vacuum, Pool brush, Net skimmer, Leaf net,  Testing Kit etc.

At Crystal Pool we ensure that your pool is skimmed, brushed, and vacuumed almost daily. This keeps pool walls sparkling clean, trash out of your pool and above our clients satisfied and happy.

4th C is for Chemistry

We know that Pool water chemistry is somewhat complex and complicated, but why worry when you have a professional pool service company in Karachi like Crystal Pool. While balancing the water chemistry is an essential part of efficient swimming pool maintenance and care, basic pool chemistry is unexpectedly very straight forward.

One very integral weapon in your arsenal for pool maintenance is called a water testing kit. Knowing what is inside your pool water and what is missing, is the very 1st step to balancing it. While pool water chemistry is a very vast and dry topic at beginner level, we have decided to keep it simple by mentioning the three most important component of swimming pool water chemistry:

  1. pH levels: Measuring how acidic or basic your pool water is? The optimal pH value for your swimming pool should read not below 7.4 and not higher than 7.6 ideally.
  2. Alkalinity: It is pH buffer that assists in avoiding drastic increases in acidity or basicity. The ideal range is 100-150 ppm.

Once you are aware of pool chemistry such as the levels of pH, alkalinity only then you can start to add chemicals to adjust your water balance. Make sure that your pool is under expert supervision. It is imperative to know what each chemical does and how it affects the water and the people who will be swimming in it.


Having a swimming pool at home is one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy some fun in the sun with your loved ones. Obviously it requires needs regular maintenance and extreme care. However it doesn’t mean at all that you will be spending your summers constrained to vacuum, brushes or testing kit.

It is always great to have knowledge of swimming pool water, equipment and chemistry but it is much wiser to leave this task to professional Swimming Pool Service Company like Crystal Pool. But if you don’t have access to any expert that in fact it is advisable to know how your pool works, realize that it needs proper care. If you take care of you pool, your pool will take of you. You will not only enjoy just swimming in it but also the mental peace that comes with constant and careful swimming pool maintenance.