What are the most necessary swimming pool supplies?

Having a swimming pool in the backyard of your sweet home is one of the most fulfilling and joyful feeling you could have. But together with the pleasures of pool ownership, come some other challenges like choosing right equipments and selecting a professional pool maintenance service company.

In today’s day and age, there are many tools, chemicals and equipment that can make pool ownership a very rewarding experience and with the help of professional pool service the maintenance is relatively seamless.

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Top 10 must have swimming pool products

In this article we have listed top ten most crucial and basic swimming pool equipment that are must have for any pool owner.

1.      Pool Filters

It is needless to say that pool filter is the most important pool equipment for any type of pool. Pool filters is what keeps the pool water crystal clean. Without a good sturdy swimming pool filter, there will be no water circulation so your pool would soon turn green and cloudy. It is like a liver of your pool maintenance cycle and without it your pool would never stay clear.

The prime job of a Pool filter is to take out minute particles out of the water. Other most important function is that it continuously keeps the pool water flowing in order to prevent it from becoming stagnated.

There are different types of swimming pool filters available in the market. So it always beneficial to know what type of filter is right for your pool.  At Crystal Pool we always recommend our customers to go for Sand Filters as it is the most cost effective and long lasting product.

2.      Pool Pumps

If a filter is like a liver then pool pump is a heart of your swimming pool system. Without it, there will be no water circulation through your filtration system thus water could not be cleaned. As a result, you will have dirty stagnant pool water. Basically, a pond, and you definitely don’t want to swim in it.

Just like filters, pool pumps also come in many different types and categories. There are single speed, double speed as well as variable speed pumps. Then you have verities of horsepower and amperes to choose from. All of this is highly technical stuff and choosing the best suited pool pump and dependant on many factors like you pool size, location and availability.

Since this is an important component of your swimming pool maintenance process we would highly suggest you to seek guidance from a reputable and professional pool service company like Crystal Pool especially if you are based in Pakistan.

3.      Pool Chemicals

We know that pool chemicals are not what you would consider as ‘pool equipment’. But there is reason we have included it in this list. Any filter system keeps the water clean, but it is chemistry of water through which we do the fine-tuning. In order to ensure lasting clarity in your pool waters it is extremely important to carefully regulate the chemical balance of you pool water.

Untreated water is a perfect place for bacterial growth and disease-carrying microorganisms. Plus any pool with incorrect chemical balancing can easily damage various pool components and it can also irritate the skin and eyes of pool users.

To keep your pool waters sparkling crystal clean, there are several different chemicals needed for pool maintenance. Some of the most commonly used pool chemicals are Granular Pool Chlorine, Pool Stabilizer & Water Balancers, Alkalinity Increaser & Decrease, pH Up, pH Down, Pool Algaecide etc.

4.      Telescopic Poles

Telescopic pole is one versatile piece of equipment that fit onto vacuum heads, leaf skimmers and pool brushes. They come in a variety of sizes. Some are made from higher quality fiberglass, but most commonly used are made of aluminum with holes at the end so that a wide variety of accessories can be attached.

5.      Vacuum Heads

The quickest and easiest step to turn any dirty pool into a clean one is by vacuuming it. Pool vacuuming enables the cleaning of the pool floor much easier, as it sucks up all the debris and dirt particles lying at the pool bottom. Vacuuming should be done on a regular basis. Vacuum heads can be easily attached to the telescopic pole, and then a vacuum hose is installed on top of vacuum head. Just like other pool equipments there are mainly types of vacuum heads available. But most commonly used in the industry is the one that has wheels and is weighted for concrete pools.

6.      Vacuum Hoses

You will need a vacuum hose to vacuum debris from the pool floor. How it works is that the vacuum hose is first connected to the vacuum head and then lowered into the pool bottom. Prior to starting the vacuuming, one important step is to manually dip the vacuum hose in the pool and fill it with water. After that it is plugged to a dedicated vacuum line or into the skimmer suction hole. While deciding to purchase a vacuum hose, one must consider the size of hose pipe and it should be able to reach and cover the whole area of your swimming pool.

7.      Leaf Rakes / Leaf Nets

Skim net and leaf rake are the most visible and popular pool equipment around the pool site. Since the swimming pool need to be skimmed daily and sometimes even more than once in a day, it is always kept handy. The leaf rake is a deeper mesh net and it’s great for scooping debris from the pool floor. Whereas, skim net is a flat mesh net that is used to remove debris floating on the pool surface before it can sink to the floor.

8.      Pool Brushes

As per our more than 30 years of filed experience, we at Crystal Pool have noticed that ‘Brushing’ is one of the most overlooked maintenance step. Your swimming pools must be brushed twice a week at least. There are many advantages of brushing your pool floor and especially your pool walls. But the foremost advantage is that brushing removes algae that cannot be removed through regular vacuuming.

We have several types of pool brushes but we recommend stainless steel brush because it is perfect for concrete pools. Plastic bristle brushes can also be used on any type of pools. Additionally there are purpose built brushes specially designed for getting into corners and steps.

9.      Testing Kit

Regular checking and testing is of your Swimming Pool Water is essential for a healthy pool. There is no work around other than to test the water using the pool test kit and find out chemical levels. Testing will enable you to know how much and what chemicals are to be added in the water to create a healthy, clean and safe swimming experience.

There are 04 main tests that can be performed with a help of pool testing kit

1. pH              2. Chlorine          3. Total Alkalinity              4. Calcium Hardness.

As per international standards ideal chemical levels are

  • pH: 7.2 – 7.8.
  • Chlorine: 1.0 – 2.0 ppm
  • Total alkalinity: 80 – 120 ppm.
  • Calcium hardness: 180 – 220 ppm

10. Stainless Steel Ladder

Any pool without entry and exit points is incomplete. That’s where pool ladders play a very important role. Many pool designs have concrete and tiled pool step on a shallow end on the swimming pool. Despite that we highly recommend installing a swimming pool ladder on the deep end of your pool. Not only it provides user an addition entry and exit point but it also adds to the safety measures of your pool.

At Crystal Pool, we not only supply standard 3 step or 4 step design Pool Ladders but we can also make customized ladders in high quality stainless steel as per the needs of the user.